Hundreds of Little Readers Send in Specimens of Their Art Work With Interesting Letters to “The State.” The Prize Winners for This Week Announced. The State feels sure that all the little boys and girls who have been sending in colored pictures will be glad to know that all of their works of art have been sent to the little orphans at the Epworth orphanage. … Continue reading “THE STATE’S” COLOR CONTEST INTERESTS THE CHILDREN.

Jessie May Easler

1902 Jessie May Easler was born on 01 Sep 1902 in Ridgeway, Fairfield, South Carolina, USA, a child of Henry Robert Easler and Mattie Martha Branham Easler. She had three siblings, namely: Edna Lulu Easler, Bennie Lorin Easler, and Melvin James Easler. 1903 Jessie May Easler died on 11 Nov 1903 in South Carolina, USA. She was buried in Elgin, Kershaw, South Carolina, USA at … Continue reading Jessie May Easler