Personal and Briefs

The recorder’s court will this morning witness the usual recietal of hard luck stories, but one of the most affecting will be the tale of the darkey who was arrested for stealing chickens because feathers were found in his yard.

My, but it was hot yesterday. The thermometer’s highest reading was 94, and a great many people can be found who will testify that if the thermometer erred at all it was on the side of moderation.

Mr. John T. Stevens of Kershaw spent yesterday in the city.

Mr. W. A. Holman, a prominent lawyer of Charleston, formerly of Barnwell, was registered at the Columbia yesterday. He was accompanied by Miss Fairy Holman.

Mr. H. W. Hanahan of Killians spent the day here yesterday.

Mr. J. S. Pinkussohn of Charleston, who is to open a store here soon, spent yesterday at the Columbia.

Mr. and Mrs. George Crompton of Cleamartin spent yesterday in the city.

Mr. W. E. Lucas, president of the Laurens cotton mill, and Mr. C. C. Twitty, president of the Hartsville mill, were in the city yesterday.

Messrs, W. P. Humphries, James Gunnell and P. E. McCurdy of Rion were here yesterday.

Messrs. P. P. Gilliard and L. Lyon of Sumter were registered at the Columbia yesterday.

Prof. Chas. E. Chambliss of Clemson college was in the city yesterday.

Congressman Lever was registered at Wright’s yesterday.

Mr. E. McL. Bomar of Spartanburg was registered at Wright’s last night.

Mr. F. L. Sandel has returned from a visit to Marion.

Mr. William Elliott, Jr., has returned from his summer vacation, spent in the mountains of North Carolina.

Mr. Herbert R. Boykin, one of Kershaw county’s promising young men, stopped over in the city Saturday and Sunday on his way to Lugoff, where he will accept a position as manager of the Lugoff Ginning Co.

Mr. J. W. Motley of Blaney spent Saturday and Sunday here.

September 7, 1903  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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