Marrion Monroe

1898 Marrion Monroe was born July 20, 1898, the daughter of Isham J. Monroe and Ellen B Percival Monroe. 1903 Marrion Monroe, 5, passed away on September 26, 1903. She was buried in Union Baptist Church Cemetery, in Elgin, South Carolina. Besides her parents she was also survived by her siblings; John Gillard Monroe and Gillyard Percival Monroe. Tombstone Information: Continue reading Marrion Monroe

Personal and Briefs

The recorder’s court will this morning witness the usual recietal of hard luck stories, but one of the most affecting will be the tale of the darkey who was arrested for stealing chickens because feathers were found in his yard. My, but it was hot yesterday. The thermometer’s highest reading was 94, and a great many people can be found who will testify that if … Continue reading Personal and Briefs