Town Talk

Some Paragraphs of Interest Gathered Here and There.

The city council meets this evening. The meeting will be an important and Interesting one.

The gymnasium class at the Y. M. C. A., tonight will meet at 8 o’clock on account of the lecture.

Don’t fail to see the first football game of the season this afternoon. It promises to be a pretty one.

The address of Mrs. Herbert yesterday afternoon to the Band of Hope was very much appreciated by a large audience.

Mr. Robert G. Mills of Chester is in the city to assist with the clerical work in the office of the superintendent of the State fair.

Mrs. Robertson has decided to add another story to the new building being erected at the corner of Main and Lumber sheets.

The Stevenson & Matheson company of Cheraw has gotten an amended charter changing the name of the corporation to the Cheraw Live Stock company.

The Woman’s Exchange has started off well. The membership is large, and the ladies of the city have indicated their purpose to make the exchange a success.

Mrs. B. B. Clarke of the Camden bar was in the city yesterday inference to an injunction brought by Lorick & Lowrance, to prevent certain parties at Blaney from trespassing on their property.

The body of the negro who was drowned in the canal Friday night has never been recovered, although the canal has been drained. It is thought by some that the current may have carried the body into the river.

A kind-hearted citizen has provided a home for the negro walf who had been lying in the guardhouse for several days. The police have taken good care of the boy, but for his own protection would not release him as he is an orphan in a strange land.

Yesterday morning there was a current on the streets a rumor to the effect that there had been a disastrous wreck on the Seaboard near Camden. The rumor was persistently repeated but proved to be utterly without foundation.

Mr. J Frost Walker, clerk of the court, was much alarmed yesterday afternoon by the unmistakable odor of pine smoke in the courthouse. Diligent search failed to reveal any fire in the building, and that odor is a mystery to all whom he called in.

The State is asked to call the attention of the city authorities to the fact that Main street is frequently made almost Impassable on account of the back, wagons, and buggles stopping in the streets instead of driving up to the curb as they should.

A prominent railroad official had a valuable horse put “out of business” for two or three months by an incompetent blacksmith. The horse’s hoofs were pared to the quick. The owner declares that there ought to be some “gal remedy against such criminal carelessness.

A movement is on a foot here to organize a local lodge of the T. P. A. There are a great many “drummers who go out from Columbia these days, although ‘they say’ that trust and the combination of capital threaten to make the ‘knight of the grip” become a tradition.

Mose Cooper, colored, lost a bicycle about three weeks ago Saturday it was found by the number, by workmen at McMaster’s shop. The negro who presented it to be repaired claims to have bought it at Estill. While in jail waiting to appear before Judge Watts his recollection may change.

Washington, Oct. 21 – They navy department announces the following dates for torpedo boat trials. Thornton, at Annapolis, October 22. Barney at Newport, October 25. Bailey, at New York, October 26, and Shubrick.

October 22, 1901  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
News Article  Page 5

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