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Within this site is a collection of family histories, news articles, photos, and gravestone of the residents of Kershaw County, South Carolina and surrounding areas. Many of our articles are from the 19th and 20th century, some of the language used in the articles may be offensive, but do not reflect on the personal beliefs of the contriubtors. History is a valuable resource in the manner that we should learn from our mistakes and grow, so that we do not inflict the same harm that was done in the past.

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Ruth Branham Morgan and Curtis Willie Morgan
Bookman Road,  Elgin, South Carolina
CIR 1950’s

This site is dedicated to my Granny and Papa Morgan (Ruth Branham Morgan and Curtis Willie Morgan), who made their home and raised their family in Kershaw County. The small town of Elgin, will forever remain in my heart as it is where my roots were planted. It is believed that the  Morgan ancestors may have settled in Kershaw County as early as 1880’s.

If you would like to contribute your family’s history please feel free to contact me and I will happily add the information to the site.